GEM FORLAB offers three main platforms, integrated with each other to deliver tailored solutions to our sponsors.

ABLE Bioscience – GEM FORLAB s.r.l. is a GLP and GCP certified Test Facility and we help our customers to obtain all scientific data required by regulatory entities. Even when GLP/GCP is not required, our internal Quality Management System is fully inspired by GxP principles. 

GEM FORLAB works in the field of immunoassays, molecular and cell biology and biochemistry for the discovery and development of new products.

Our strengths are development and application of methods for detection of large molecules in complex matrices, MoA investigation, target validation.

Our team of experts will guide you in choosing the best materials and reagents for the development of new biological assays (ELISA; RT-PCR; q-PCR) as well as for the validation and application of the assays in compliance with quality systems.

GEM FORLAB is specialized in Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics applied on discovery and development of new products, development and application of methods for the detection of small molecules in complex matrices, protein identification and proteome analysis by means of 2DE and LC-MS/MS.

GEM FORLAB offers a comprehensive and fully customizable service of Biomarker discovery based on proteomics analysis.

We can provide support to customers undergoing preclinical studies to evaluate the safety, efficacy and distribution of APIs in complex matrices.

We can also provide support to non-clinical studies in quantification of residues of plant protection products.

All methods are fully validated in compliance with GLP principles and international guidelines.

GEM FORLAB carries out chemical synthesis for the production of essential components for early drug discovery such as chemical intermediates, process impurities, reference compounds, drug metabolites, pro-drugs, bioconjugates, targeted molecules for MRI and others molecular imaging techniques, and can assist in the process of lead generation and optimization.


GEM FORLAB performs the chemical and analytical characterization of synthesized compounds


We perform the isolation of Impurities from starting materials, intermediates, APIs and drug products and offer high quality analytical and separation services through chromatographic systems.

GEM FORLAB delivers high quality compounds with chemical purities >95%.


Our team offers organic synthesis to produce compounds from milligram to kilogram scale for medicinal chemistry, process R&D.

  • Contrast agents;
  • Specialty and Fine chemicals;
  • Targeted molecules;
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates, analogues, metabolites, standards & impurities.