GEM FORLAB is a provider of scientific services  for companies belonging to the Life Sciences field. The lab activity covers several aspects of the Life Sciences field: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Agro-food.

ABLE Bioscience – GEM FORLAB s.r.l.,being a GLP and GCP certified Test Facility supports customers in fullfilling all regulatory requirements. Even when GLP/GCP is not required, our internal Quality Management System is fully inspired by GxP principles.

GEM FORLAB was founded and developed within the frame of BioIndustry Park “Silvano Fumero”, a cluster that connects startups and multinational companies operating in the life and health sciences.

With the support of this technology platform GEM FORLAB deeply experienced the field of pharmaceutical R&D, in particular.

The company’s team can support pharmaceutical processes, not only in the human field but also in the veterinary one, from early discovery to clinical studies, in compliance with GLP and GCP guidelines.

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GEM FORLAB provides validation of IVD equipment and reagents, with the support of an internal clinical review specialist.

An experienced team underpins the selection of appropriate quality control methods in the evaluation of medical devices to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Analytical performance and method efficiency evaluations (linearity, accuracy, precision, repeatability, reproducibility and sensitivity) are provided.

Service for non clinical studies, to identify, quantify, and investigate residues of plant protection products in vegetable matrices.
Both field and analytical phases can be covered.

Residues’ quantitative data are provided for dietary risk assessments and determination of the Maximum Residue Levels, according to the requirements of national and international registration bodies.
All methods are fully validated in compliance with GLP principles and international guidelines.