Thanks to our partnerships, GEM FORLAB can extend and cover a wider range of services, including in vivo studies, chemical, physical and microbiological analyses, and veterinary medicine.

VETSPIN​ is a company whose offer includes various types of preclinical studies needed for the registration of veterinary drugs. VETSPIN performs GLP studies for the implementation of Part III and Part IV of the registration dossier of veterinary drugs (EU Dir 28/2004).

GEM Chimica srl is a company that offers advanced technologies in applied chemistry, supporting innovation and customer competitiveness. Over the years, the company has expanded its business offering personalized solutions in several areas: professional cleaning, food safety, environmental health, renewable energy, water treatment, chemical, physical and microbiological analyses.

Ephoran – Multi-Imaging Solutions is a Multi-Imaging Service company focused on preclinical research and development. The mission of the company is to study, develop and pursue the application of imaging technologies in preclinical drug research and development. EPHORAN fosters the development of diagnostic tools, reagents and methodologies for experimental imaging.