Thanks to well established partnerships, GEM FORLAB may actually cover a wider range of services, including in vivo studies, chemical, physical and microbiological analyses and veterinary medicine.

The present partners are:

GEM Chimica srl is a company that offers advanced technologies in applied chemistry, supporting innovation and customer competitiveness, our close connection with this reality allows us to expand the range of analytical services in environmental and agro-food field.

Chemsafe Consulting is a company working in Regulatory Affairs (REACH, Pharma, Medical Devices and Agro-Food), thanks to this partnership we can provide our customers support in overcoming regulatory issues.

VETSPIN​​ is a company which performs preclinical studies needed for the registration of veterinary drugs and affords GLP studies for the implementation of Part III and Part IV of the registration dossier of veterinary drugs (EU Dir 28/2004); together with this reality we can perform multisite studies on livestock animals maintaining a GLP compliant quality system.

Fluody is a chemical Contract Research Organization (cCRO) specialized in synthetic organic chemistry. Thanks to this partnership we offer services for synthesis and characterization of test items for preclinical studies.

CLUSTERMED is a cluster born with the mission to provide medical device companies with an all-round service that includes:

  • consultancy services for the design and development from scratch;
  • analytical services for biological evaluation (not regulated for development and GLP compliant for registration);
  • consultancy for MDR registration and dossiers drafting;
  • aseptic areas and tools supply for production;
  • analytical services for product validation.